Behind the Scenes: Black Chef Table

The theme of Greenwood Ave. Magazine No. 2, our food edition, is “Greenwood Ave. is a seat at the table.” Our main feature highlights the founders of Black Chef Table, Marcus Davis & Keisha Griggs. Black Chef Table is a dinner series held inside Houston restaurant Kulture, providing access to Black chefs and giving them the opportunity to tell their stories through food. 

As we planned the photoshoot for our center spread, we concluded that there is nothing that displays the heart of this edition and the mission of Black Chef Table more than a simple dinner. Together with photographer, Emily Lyons-Wood, we brought the concept to life in a fully-furnished studio in Houston. We traveled with intentionally-designed floral arrangements for the table by Anthousai and timeless plateware handmade by Addis Ceramics. We set the table and filled it with a spread of delicately-placed food only to mess it up and make the table look realistic and lived-in. 

That is the picture of a table we want to create. A table that allows for beauty, mess, authenticity, and plenty of food to accommodate endless seats.

Read the full Black Chef Table article in Greenwood Ave. Magazine No. 2, available now!