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Greenwood Ave. is a celebration of Black entrepreneurs and overlooked visionaries around the world.

Created by Goldmill Co., it was birthed from a need to honor a far too often hidden piece of history, the Tulsa Race Massacre of 1921.

CEO and Founder of Goldmill Co. and Greenwood Ave., Trey Thaxton.


The physical buildings destroyed in 1921 may no longer stand, but the spirit of Greenwood Ave. is being reborn by entrepreneurs around the globe. Greenwood Ave. is not a place.

It is a mindset.
It is a passion.
It is a vision.

Greenwood Ave. is wherever people are realizing ideas and bringing dreams to reality.

Grier Shoe Shop

Our merch is designed to celebrate the past and inspire the future. Our classic designs are nod to history and created to give those who don them a sense of belonging. Greenwood Ave. is wherever you are.

We seek to uplift entrepreneurs standing on the shoulders of those who came before us and, in doing so, inspire the next generation of Black makers, doers, and dreamers.

Thanks to your support, we give 10% of all proceeds to community building efforts in North Tulsa.